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How We Deliver Data Collection and Management

Our professional call center operators and state-of-the-art technology systems, complemented by years of experience in the healthcare industry, put Tunstall in the ideal position to deliver call center communication programs and data management solutions.

Clinical trial reporting

Tunstall can serve as your central collection and monitoring point. We can support acquiring information from patients and providers to identify potential treatment issues and trends. We can also analyze this data across various patient populations.

Tunstall’s technologies and professional call center operators effectively measure the effect of disease/treatment and psychosocial factors on the well-being of patients undergoing disease treatment.

Difficult-to-collect patient data can be rapidly obtained by live call center operators or IVR solutions to increase accuracy and reduce data loss.

Warehousing study data

With scalable technologies, Tunstall can build systems for clinical trial information warehousing and maintain vital data sets.

Reporting options

We can customize reports to include any captured data that our clients need. Our system allows clients with proprietary software to receive all program data on an as-needed basis.

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