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How We Deliver Marketing and Market Research

Tunstall's 20 years of professional call center experience will add value to your marketing campaigns.

Healthcare provider and patient inquiries

Rely on Tunstall to manage and respond to healthcare provider and patient queries from your marketing programs. Our professional call center operators help you build relationships with consumers. Dynamic scripting, based on responses from consumers, ensures delivery of the right message.

Additionally, we support on-line informational needs and queries to provide seamlessly integrated services. In-depth and customized on-line reporting is available to help you identify, classify, and spot trends early on.

Media response tracking

Whether your campaign is limited to one local media source or is a national media blitz, we’ll track responses for all media channels. Our telephony and data management technologies can accurately track call arrival patterns enabling you to quickly analyze the advertising channels that are working best. Providing you with the information needed to make timely decisions regarding media outlets.

Market research initiatives

Tunstall can support your market research initiatives. We have extensive experience helping marketers to understand consumer behavior and satisfaction with approved treatments. These invaluable consumer insights translate to necessary actions for your product marketing plan(s).

Reporting options

On-line reports are available on our secure web portal. We deliver real-time project updates and detailed data on trends and media responses. Standard reports provided include…

  • Project status
  • Inquiry trends
  • Media response tracking

We can customize reports to include any captured data that our clients need. Our system allows clients with proprietary software to receive all program data on an as-needed basis.

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