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How We Deliver Patient Adherence

The guiding principle in Tunstall’s patient adherence and compliance programs is to motivate patients to support their compliance with treatment.

Patient follow-up to support medication compliance and study compliance

Patients are more likely to adhere to treatment and protocol requirements when they feel supported. Support is multi-dimensional, and can include nursing support to answer questions and provide educational materials, reminders to complete patient diaries, and appointment reminders. Tunstall AMAC provides patient outreach, data capture, and motivational follow-up to enhance study retention and medication compliance. Additional services to consider include…

  • Appointment reminders to assure patients remain compliant with treatment and follow up visits
  • Pre-visit instructions
  • Reminders to complete patient diaries and interviews to capture patient information
  • Support for study reporting including treatment issues and challenges, triage support, patient self-reporting, and site reporting

These activities can be provided by our professional call center operators, care counselors, skilled nurse operators, or through our state-of-the art interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Nursing support for patient questions

To motivate compliance and adherence, we must provide patients with information, motivation and support, and nurses are uniquely trained to deliver these integral components. We offer skilled nurse operators to answer patient and caregiver questions.

Reporting options

On-line reports are available on our secure web portal. We deliver real-time project updates and detailed patient enrollment data. Standard reports provided include…

  • Patient progress report
  • Key concerns/areas of frequent interest
  • Number of activities completed by type
  • Fulfillment request reporting
  • General call center metrics

Additionally, we can customize reports to include any captured data that our clients need. Our system allows clients with proprietary software to receive all program data on an as-needed basis.

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