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Patient Recruitment

Our healthcare experience can help you fill critical trials with qualified participants

Your Situation

  • How do we quickly increase enrollment in clinical trials
  • How do we increase enrollment in post-approval studies

Our Recommendations

  • Pre-screening
  • Patient referral
  • Retention and compliance
  • Reporting options

The Benefits

  • Tunstall has more than 20 years experience in patient screening and recruitment services in more than 100 disease states
  • Tunstall has screened nearly 1 million patients, and 32% of patients screened were referred to study sites
  • Tunstall offers customized solutions for patient screening, recruitment, and enrollement; not one-size fits most solutions or services you don't need
  • Our professional call center operators interact with patients in a sensitive, courteous manner
  • Tunstall is fully compliant with all regulations

Learn how we deliver these services

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